Breaking Down the Report Card: Part 1

Breaking Down the Report Card: Part 1

Dear Families and Community Members of Deer Park Schools:

Last week, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released their annual report card grading all school districts across the State of Ohio.  The Ohio School Report Card measures six different components.  To help you gain a better understanding of each component, we are going to send out a series of releases to summarize each component and the measures they include.

This first release will explain the Achievement component of the report card.

The ODE states the Achievement component of the report card represents whether student performance on state tests met established thresholds for those tests.  The Achievement component is made up of two different measures:1.) indicators met based on students hitting the state established threshold on end of course assessments (grades 3 - 8 and high school) and 2.) performance index, which gives districts points based on the number of students scoring at each of the six performance levels (advanced plus, advanced, accelerated, proficient, basic, and limited).  When the performance index is combined with indicators met, the state arrives at the overall component grade.

While the state measures Achievement based on the end of course assessments, our district measures Achievement in a varying amount of ways. Here are a few examples of why we are proud of our students’ achievements:

  • Nine students received the President of the United States Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence;
  • Fifty-four percent of the class of 2016 took an Advanced Placement (AP) course;
  • Sixty-eight percent of Deer Park High School students are involved in Extracurriculars;
  • Thirteen students received a Diploma with Honors from the State of Ohio; and,
  • One hundred percent of our third graders met the state’s benchmark for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee through the Terra Nova Assessment. This assessment is not reported on the state’s report card

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