Ohio Department of Education Releases Annual School Report Card

CINCINNATI, OH — The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) annually issues report cards for each Ohio school district and each Ohio school. The report cards look back on the school year and provide information on such areas as students' performance on statewide tests, graduation rates and early literacy rates.

The 2017 Ohio Report Card was released by the ODE on September 14, 2017.

For a complete guide to the Ohio School Report Cards, please visit the Ohio Department of Education.

The 2016-17 report card shows that Deer Park Schools has made significant growth and improvements across the board. While we were extremely pleased with our growth in many areas of the report card, we still know there are many areas where we can make improvements. The district will continue to work very hard to make even greater strides in all areas this year and beyond.

Key Highlights for Deer Park Schools from 2017 Report Card

  • K-3 Literacy: Measures number of students on track in grades K-3.
    • Moved from a component grade of an 'F' in 2016 to a 'B' in 2017
  • Progress: Measures amount of annual student growth based on testing, with a “C” representing one year’s growth.
    • ​Overall progress improved from an ‘F’ in 2016 to an ‘A’ in 2017
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: Measures number of students graduating within four years.
    • Moved from a component grade of a 'B' in 2016 to an 'A' in 2017
  • ​Performance Index: Represents the overall student level of achievement on state testing.
    • Increased from 85.1 points in 2016 to 90.8 points in 2017
  • Percentage of Students Proficient: Measures student scores that reach "proficiency" at each grade level and each subject area.
    • Increases in 16 of 23 assessment areas, with 10 areas increasing by double-digit percentage points.

Quality Profile

Deer Park Schools, along with more than 85 school districts throughout Ohio, today released a comprehensive, community-oriented companion to the State’s District Report Card. Called a “Quality Profile,” the report includes additional accountability measures that are not captured by the state report card, but define a high quality education.

Click here to read the district’s Quality Profile.