Deer Park Hall of Fame

About us

Under the Alumni Association with the support of the Board of Education, The Hall of Fame began in 1991. Our Hall of Fame is unique in which all Alumni and Staff/Administration are eligible.

After a several year absence, the Hall of Fame returned as its own entity with the blessing from the Board of Education. Thanks to all of our members who have made significant contributions to Deer Park High School.

As was mentioned by a member.

"Lots of good things and good people have come from Deer Park. You Can leave Deer Park, But Deer Park will never leave you." 

We are all fortunate to have grown up, taught or coached in Deer Park.

The Alumni Association is dormant now; however, the Hall of Fame continues to stand on its own. Nominations can be sent to Email or mail to the below address.

As the Dinner is the only event of the year, donations are also accepted.

For more information, please visit the official webpage.

Kevin Mitchell, Chairman
|Dan Dennis, Co-Chairman

Deer Park High School Hall of Fame
8351 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236