Deer Park Schools Receives Straight A Grant

Deer Park Schools Receives Straight A Grant

Deer Park Schools Receives Straight A Grant To Implement Character Building Program

Deer Park Community City School District’s Superintendent Jeff Langdon received a phone call today from interim State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lonny Rivera and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Executive Director Susan Zelman to personally congratulate the district on being awarded a Straight A Grant that will provide students in grades 5 - 8 with an innovative character building program that addresses student motivation, well-being, learning, and performance.

Deer Park Schools partnered with the Mayerson Academy to submit a Straight A Grant proposal titled Building Strong Character to Build Strong Learners. The funding for this proposal will give life to a program called Thriving Learning Communities, written and developed by the Mayerson Academy.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Deer Park Schools to expand our Thriving Learning Communities program, maximizing our impact by including community partners. Through this innovative, blended learning approach we can make a positive impact on learners that will last a lifetime,” said Lynn Ochs, Senior Learning Designer, Mayerson Academy.

“Addressing the social and emotional needs of our students through character building has been one of Deer Park’s district goals this year,” said Jay Phillips, Assistant Superintendent at Deer Park Community City Schools. “All students are different, but we also know that all students have their own unique strengths and many times students don’t know what those strengths are. That’s why I am so excited about the Thriving Learning Communities. Through this program, students will discover what their personal strengths are and then we can help our students build upon those strengths to improve their overall personal well-being. This will have a direct impact on student social and emotional health as well as on student achievement.”

Jeff Langdon, Superintendent of Deer Park Community City School District, was also thrilled to be awarded this grant. 

“Deer Park Schools is continuously looking for avenues to bring innovative programming to our students.  We are very fortunate this innovative program will be supported with grant funding from the Ohio Department of Education. I would personally like to thank Assistant Superintendent, Jay Phillips, for leading the Deer Park team through this very competitive grant writing process. We were one of only 20 grants awarded throughout the State of Ohio.” 

Each grant application underwent review by independent scorers for both fiscal sustainability and to determine if proposals were innovative, had substantial value and lasting impact before being recommended by the Straight A Fund Governing Board.

The governing board is comprised of nine members, including the state superintendent of public instruction, four members appointed by the governor, two members appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives and two members appointed by the president of the Senate.

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