Thank you, Deer Park!

Thank you, Deer Park!

Dear Friends:

Just prior to our holiday break, Deer Park students, staff, and community members came together to share “real” joy and love by filling food bags and gathering gifts for the needy in our community. The Deer Park Holiday Food Drive was once again a success because of you.  Whether you are part of a large organization that gave us many items or a kind individual who just wanted to give something; we are in awe of the goodness of so many.

Throughout December many outside agencies and individuals worked to help DP families and on December 9 and 10, the Amity Elementary Cafeteria was a picture of purpose and passion.  Whether you donated your time, your talents, or your treasures you helped the Deer Park Holiday Food Basket Program provide assistance to more than 100 families. From the bottom of our hearts, we and the families you supported THANK YOU!

A dear friend recently shared with me a holiday story called “Silver Packages” by Cynthia Rylant. In the story, a young boy from Appalachia waits each Christmas for the Christmas Train to come up the mountain and for the “rich man” on the caboose to toss him a silver package. The package never contained the doctor kit the boy wanted but it always had warm socks, mittens, and a scarf that helped him through the winter. As the boy grew up he realized that the silver package always contained exactly what he needed. The boy in the story grows up and returns to Appalachia where he opens his doctor kit and helps those in his hometown. We will never know where some of our gifts ended up but I am confident your kindness will result in amazing blessings for the families in “our hometown.”

I wish a Happy New Year to you and those you love.  May 2017 bring you peace and great joy.

Gratefully yours,

Patty Hadden
and many, many others…