School Counselor

Welcome to the Amity and Holmes School Counselor Page!

Mrs. Michelle Ellis is the School Counselor for Amity Elementary and Holmes Elementary. Michelle has many years of experience working with children in the school setting. As a school counselor she is a member of the school team who help students reach their academic goals while also helping with their social and personal development. School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers and administrators to help ensure the success of each student.

This year, Mrs. Ellis works with all students during classroom guidance lessons. These lessons  focus on such skills as: resiliency, kindness, growth mindset, and teamwork. 

Mrs. Ellis also works with children in a small group setting and when the need arises on an individual basis. Students are welcome to see Mrs. Ellis in her office or leave a note for her if she is not there.  Parents and teachers can also refer students to see Mrs. Ellis as well.  She offers an open door policy and is happy to help in any way that she can.   

This year the 5th and 6th graders are learning about character strengths through the Thriving Learning Communities (TLC) curriculum. TLC is “A research-based approach to knowing and catalyzing individual character strengths that motivate learners of all ages to be their best selves and to perform at their highest levels.” The curriculum “creates a common language for students, teachers, teams, and leaders to understand and call forth what is best in themselves and others in order to realize their full potential. Rather than prescribing a particular recipe for positive character, this approach provides a language for describing and stimulating each individual’s unique strengths. Research over the last decade suggests that this approach yields measurable improvements related to well-being, social skills, engagement in learning and achievement."

Achieving Excellence Together!