Course Description

Introduction to Journalism will be designed as an elective course available to all high school students grades 9-12. In this class, students will compose pieces fit for publication, have to opportunity to choose the topics they write about, be exposed to a variety of types of journalistic writing (like writing for news, sports, opinion, and yearbook coverage), and will have the opportunity to edit and revise both their own work, and the work of other students. Students will also receive a variety of news articles to read, so that they can also learn this style of writing through modeling and exemplification. Additionally, through reading sample articles through a critical lens, students will have the opportunity to see biases in the article, give opinions and feedback on pieces read, and propose ways to improve these sample texts.

Photojournalism will also be a unit covered in this course, as well as information presented on page design. These are skills that work hand-in-hand with journalistic writing, and moreover, are skills print publishers are now looking for in applicants, and “all-media journalists” are those often sought by newspapers and other publications