A New Choir Teacher is Hired at Deer Park High School

A New Choir Teacher is Hired at Deer Park High School

Abby Abrams and Julie Kramer

A New Choir Teacher is Hired at Deer Park High School

By: Abby Abrams and Julie Kramer
Class: Introduction to Journalism

Marie Kramer leaves the larger community of Oak Hills to come teach music at the smaller Deer Park community.

Kramer takes new position after being interested in the close-knit community, being able to teach a range of students, and being the only choir director at Deer Park High School.

“I hope that she brings positive attitude and hard work,” women’s choir student  Aubree Adkins said. “[I hope] choir [is] as fun as it can possibly be.”

Some changes Kramer hopes to bring to the Deer Park Choir Program are enlarging the Men’s choir and developing an auditioned Chamber Choir.

“I would love to go and get more [awards], go to competition, get good ratings, continue that because I know [previous choir director] Mrs. Tierney did that a lot and I want to start taking my seventh and eighth graders to competitions like that too,” Kramer said.

Receiving awards at competition shows how much effort each choir has put in throughout the whole year. Women’s choir has a history of receiving superior ratings at Large Group Contest and the students hope to continue this tradition within years to come alongside their new choir director. Last school year was the first year that Tierney took the junior high students to Kings Island for Music in the Parks, where they received a trophy. With Kramer, the junior high level will become more competitive, just like the high school.

“I think she will make a lot of positive changes because she seems very experienced and eager to make these changes,” show choir student Jami Baker said.
Not only does Kramer hope to continue the choir’s success at competition, but she also hopes to add more voices to each choir each year she teaches.

“I want to get more people in, I want to get more parents involved, I want to get more people into the program,” Kramer said. “Women’s is the biggest choir we have this year, which is awesome, but I want to get the Men’s choir up there too.”

Catch Ms. Kramer’s first big performance on September 25, 2016 at St. John’s Church for the annual Choral Dinner Theater.

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