Deer Park Graduate Plays Soccer and Raises Awareness

Deer Park Graduate Plays Soccer and Raises Awareness

Matthew Bosse, with his parents Mary Kay and Doug Bosse before the event begins. By Jayla Phillips and Ciarra Waddle

Deer Park Graduate Plays Soccer and Raises Awareness

By: Jayla Phillips and Ciarra Waddle
Class: Intro to Journalism

On the night of August 30th, 2016, Deer Park girl’s soccer team hosted a spaghetti family dinner night where the families did a little bit more than just eat spaghetti before a typical home soccer game.

Bosse seems like a normal Xavier University freshman, but he was born with a rare heart condition called pulmonary stenosis. Pulmonary stenosis is a condition where the blood can’t flow from the right ventricle of the heart to the pulmonary artery. This can cause shortness of breath, chest pains and even a heart murmur - an extra or unusual heart sound heard when using a stethoscope.

Matthew, with the help of his family, friends and the Deer Park soccer teams, has started this spaghetti dinner tradition to raise awareness for his heart condition and to help people be aware of their own hearts to stay healthy.

“Everyone has a heart,” MaryKay Bosse, Matthew’s mother said. “So we do this to support everyone’s heart and to brighten their futures.”

This dinner took two months to plan. It would have taken longer, but they already had the basis of what they wanted to do since they did the dinner last year.
When asked about the planning of the event, Kylie Harmeyer, freshman soccer player, said “The soccer team didn’t do much of the planning. We helped set up and we brought food to sell for the bake sale.” They sold their baked goods at the dinner to raise extra money for the association.

“Since we started the program, there has been a dramatic change in the money we have raised.” Bosse said. “They have also advanced in their CPR training.”
At the dinner, a group of ladies from the American Heart Association came to give CPR lessons to the soccer team and other family members who attended the dinner.

After the second annual spaghetti dinner concluded, Bosse said it made him very happy that so many people had come to support. He hopes to continue to have this event for years to come.

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