A New Beginning for Deer Park's Football Stadium

A New Beginning for Deer Park's Football Stadium

The tent off to the side of the turf field, where donors celebrated before the official opening of the field. By Becca Hobbs & Ashlee Moore

A New Beginning for Deer Park’s Football Stadium

By: Becca Hobbs & Ashlee Moore
Class: Intro to Journalism

Deer Park has gotten a new all-weather turf field which has brought attention not only from the students and parents of the community of Deer Park, but the surrounding communities as well.

It began in early 2016, when there was an announcement that the school was launching a campaign to produce the money needed in order for the school to get the new turf field. The goal for the field was 700,000 dollars.                            

In order for the campaign to be launched, they’d need a start of 30,000 dollars. Tom Griswold, a former teacher of the school, helped raise this money and donated it to the school.

Tom Griswold, also known as “Deer Park’s forever fan,” has been a coach, teacher, administrator, and member of the Board of Education in Deer Park. One of Griswold’s dreams was to have a turf field in Deer Park’s football stadium. Unfortunately, Griswold passed away in January and didn’t see his dream come to life.

“Tom Griswold has taught me that Deer Park is very important, and that you should be proud to be a part of the community,” Alex Moore, assistant football coach and 9th grade history teacher at Deer Park said.

Griswold’s ideas about a new field and a push for the campaign were what made the turf field become a reality. Now, many athletes at Deer Park are excited about playing on the new field.

The football team is excited about the new turf field, and they frequently talk about how much better they’ll play on the new field and that they actually have a smooth surface to play on this year that they can call their own.

“If anything, it [the turf field] is also going to increase the player’s sense of pride. When the player feels pride, that’s going to cause them to expend more of their energy and help them reach their goals,” Mr. Jason Spelic, a counselor at Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School said.

The grand opening of the new field was held on Friday, August 26, before the first football game of the season. Before the opening, people who donated to the field campaign were invited to the stadium to celebrate the new field.

Donors to the field were from all around the Cincinnati area. Alumni of Deer Park, companies in the area, and the Cincinnati Bengals were only some of the donors for this campaign.

“It is absolutely incredible that the school district was able to complete this project through grants, donations, all of it coming from within and outside the community,” Spelic said.

If it weren’t for Griswold’s central idea for a new turf field and all of the people who donated, this campaign may never have happened.

“You can’t thank people enough,” Spelic said.