Deer Park's Student Section is Making a Comeback

Deer Park's Student Section is Making a Comeback

Deer Park High School Cheerleaders at the home opener. By Becca Hobbs & Ashlee Moore

Deer Park’s Student Section is Making a Comeback

By: Becca Hobbs & Ashlee Moore
Class: Introduction to Journalism

There is a new idea to bring more spirit to Deer Park’s student section during football games.

The start of the Deer Park football season is almost underway. Friday marks the first game of the 2016 season against Williamsburg on the brand new $700,000 turf field. One of the questions that have been arising over the past couple of weeks is, “Will there be students in the stands?”

Deer Park has had a history of people not showing up to games and supporting their home team, so the cheerleaders of the fellow wildcats have spurred a new idea: themed football games.

“The idea of themed football games has always been there, people just don’t participate so it couldn’t be a thing,” senior cheerleader Aubree Adkins said.

“If people maybe dressed up or did something at the games maybe it’d bring more attention since the people in the stands would be having fun,” Adkins said.

“Football themed games would be fun and is a great idea and all but it might be a little difficult to organize,” said Carolynn Sullivan, former coach of the Varsity Cheer squad for the Wildcats.

In order to make the themed football games work, the students need to use multiple ways of communication to the student body so they’d be all on the same page.

A few of the cheerleaders have already put the idea out to the student body by using various forms of social media like Twitter and Snapchat. They’ve also posted signs up in the hallways so people could see it when transitioning from class to class.

Cheerleaders are excited about the idea, and are hoping for success.

“I think it will get more people to come, and we’ll get a bigger crowd to yell with the cheers, get people more hyped up to be there, which will hype up the football players, and make them play harder,” junior cheerleader Jami Baker said.

The themed games start this Friday, August 26th, and will be themed America in celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

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