Deer Park Just Served up New Tennis Courts

Deer Park Just Served up New Tennis Courts

Emily Robinson returns the tennis ball. By Abby Abrams and Julie Kramer

Deer Park Just Served up New Tennis Courts

By: Abby Abrams and Julie Kramer
Class: Intro to Journalism

The Deer Park girls tennis team hosted their first home match in over four years on Thursday, August 25 against Finneytown with a winning score of 3-1.
The tennis courts at Deer Park High School have not been able to be repaired because of the poor foundation conditions. Chamberlin Park park just recently renovated their courts, and added a third, to be the new official home courts for the girls tennis team.

“[The team] can practice on courts that are actually flat,” assistant coach Heather Butt said. “You can get the bounces that you normally would, rather than bounces from little craters in the courts.”

Because of the location off of school grounds, practice time has been pushed back for the team. It now starts at four, which gives the coaches and players plenty of time to change into their practice clothes and travel to Chamberlin Park.

“[I think the new courts will make a difference] because they are so much better and there are not cracks and grass growing in them, so it is really nice and we enjoy it,” tennis player Emily Robinson said.

Not only does the team hope the new courts will improve upon how they will play, but head coach Sean Maher and Butt also hope to expand the team by getting more new members involved.

“We’re hoping to increase participation in the program,” Butt said. “One way that we’re looking to do that is to start a junior high team.”

As of right now, the only tennis team at Deer Park involves girls from grades nine through twelve.

“We’re hoping that [the junior high kids] starting earlier will help them to become a little more coordinated and stronger as a team once they get to ninth grade,” Butt said.

These new courts amplify school spirit amongst the tennis team where they feel like they are actually a part of the athletics at the school. 

“[Home matches will] bring back the Deer Park pride,” tennis player Paula Ly said. “We can finally play games and show people that we’re an actual team.”

Catch the team’s next home match on their new home courts at Chamberlin Park on Thursday, September 8th as they look forward to beat Seven Hills.