Carolynn Sullivan Has Been at Deer Park for Nineteen Years

Carolynn Sullivan Has Been at Deer Park for Nineteen Years

Carolynn Sullivan grading tests for her history classes. By Abby Abrams

Carolynn Sullivan Has Been at Deer Park for Nineteen Years

Many students will attend Deer Park schools for twelve years but unlike them, Carolynn Sullivan has been attending for nineteen.

Carolynn Sullivan is a graduate from Deer Park High School, and unlike many other graduates, she then returned to be a teacher and also a cheerleading coach.

“When I [first] became a teacher I actually worked in Middletown my first year and going back and teaching where you went to school is always a dream for a teacher,” Carolynn Sullivan said. “So when a job here opened up I jumped on the opportunity, so it was nice that I could come back and I hope to inspire the kids here like the Deer Park teachers did for me when I was here.”

Not only was Sullivan ready to take on being a teacher at her past school, but she also wanted to take on a coaching position for cheer here as well.

“I cheered all through my time at Deer Park, seventh through twelfth grade, and then I went on to Xavier [where] I was on the dance team, so I was always involved in cheer and dance,” Sullivan said. “The opportunity opened up and one of my friends was the varsity coach, and this again would be a dream job for me, so I actually agreed to do that before I agreed to be a teacher here.”

Most students get to experience teachers only as a teacher, but some cheerleaders get to experience Sullivan as both a teacher and a coach.

“It was weird at first to go from having her as a teacher to being my cheer coach,” former student and current cheerleader Lexi Roberts said. “But she is good at both teaching and coaching that she made it seem more comfortable.

Even though Sullivan enjoyed her time as a student here at Deer Park, much has changed since she graduated in 2003. Some of these changes she wishes she could have experienced as a past student.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on now that I think is pretty cool that I wish was going on here when I went here, like the renovations they’re doing to the building, like changes to the weight room, and the [new] turf, and the movement we have with technology, where there’s basically one computer cart for every teacher,” Sullivan said. “When I was in school there was one computer room for the whole school, so getting that kind of technology in kids hands is stuff they’re going to use for jobs later in life.”

Not only does Sullivan bring her knowledge of history and cheer experience to Deer Park, but she brings much more to the table as well.

“She brings a sense of pride to Deer Park because she’s been around for so long,” Roberts said. “It shows she cares for the community and enjoys her time here.”

Sullivan hopes to continue her time here at Deer Park making an impact on students’ lives, similar to the one left on her as a student here.