Deer Park Senior Spends his Free Time Helping Others

Deer Park Senior Spends his Free Time Helping Others

Anderson helping one of Mr. Tabar’s students Brandon Thompson use a typewriter.

Deer Park Senior Spends his Free Time Helping Others

By: Jayla Phillips
Class: Intro to Journalism

Ryan Anderson is a senior at Deer Park High School. He loves using his free periods helping others in the school. Anderson not only maintains honor roll, he also spends most of his time helping Deer Park teachers and students. It was interesting to see how he uses his faith to keep him strong in his work at school.

Anderson does a handful of things in the school. He has been in Spanish for five years and Communiserve for four years. He’s on the Student Advisory Committee, runs most of the digital media in the school, and he even runs the principal’s Twitter account! fifth bell, he is used as an office aid to run copies or help the principal and/or secretaries with tasks they need done. sixth bell, he assists with Mr. Tabar’s special education students.

“Ryan does such a great job of doing what a grown up asks him to.” Tabar said. “Whatever I ask him to do, even as small as sharpening a pencil, He jumps to the job.”

In his seventh bell, Anderson uses his free period to tutor junior high students who need a little extra help.

Anderson is also the president of a group at our school called Fellowship of Christian Athletes where the athletes meet once a week and have a group devotion and read their bibles together.

Some might think that Anderson would get overwhelmed with all the work he does, but he rarely gets stressed.

“I just try to learn quickly and keep a positive attitude.” Anderson said. “I get stressed sometimes, but I try to stay faithful and pray I’ll get through it.”

Christ is his motivation for wanting to help others. He strives to be faithful and show Jesus in the school through his actions. Building relationships with the students he helps is also a big part of his incentive for doing all that he does.

“I love to see the change in others by what I do,” Anderson said. “ I love the relationships I’ve built with others.”

As Anderson is a senior this year, he won’t be able to assist at Deer Park after he graduates. He loves everything he does here, and he will miss it. He wants to be just as faithful in his work after he leaves high school.

“I will miss the relationships and opportunities I’ve had once I graduate,” Anderson said. “I hope to continue my faith into college.”