Big Plans

Big Plans

Maggie Burton cheering at last Friday’s football game against Reading that was themed red out. By Lexi Roberts

Big Plans

By: Lexi Roberts
Class: Intro to Journalism

Trying to get Deer Park students more involved isn’t easy, but Maggie Burton has been trying her best to do so.

“We had a last minute themed basketball game and the students participation was so good, it was probably the most students I had seen in our student section for any sport ever,” Burton said.

Maggie has gotten a ton of feedback about the past themed games from not only the student section but the football team
and coaches.

“A couple of the football players have mentioned to me that the large crowd has made them play better, but attendance wasn’t as good at the last game,” Burton said.

Burton is unsure why the student section has not had a cheerful environment lately, and we may now know why.

“At the games, the most dressed up students usually stand along the fence, but at the last home game we were told that we cannot do it anymore.”  sophomore soccer player Torey Macke said.

Abby Abrams has also noticed the lack of energy in the student section.

“Since Maggie introduced the idea, I think the cheerleaders have had so much fun dressing up.” Abrams said.

Students have asked who chooses the themes and how they decided.

“I make a voting poll on twitter with four or five random themes and then the most voted for one wins and that is the theme for the next home game.” Burton said.

Maggie wants to continue to do the themed games and try to get students to do it at every sports event and not just football.

If you would like to vote and get notifications about the theme games follow @maggieburton_ on twitter.