Brian and Susan +6

Brian and Susan +6

Mrs. Beck is preparing tomorrow’s lessons during her plan bell while being surrounded by many pictures of her children. By Julie Kramer

Brian and Susan +6

By: Julie Kramer
Class: Intro to Journalism

From the time Mrs. Susan Beck leaves her six children in the morning, she is on her way to Deer Park High School where she teaches English to six different classes full of sophomores.

Originally a mother of four, Beck married her husband Brian and became a mother to his two sons, turning into a family of eight.

“Our kids have blended so well together that you would never, and people have told us this before, know whose kids are whose,” Beck said.

Beck’s busy life became even busier with the new members to the family.

“Being a teacher with six kids is very challenging. I make sure that I’m organized and that I delegate,” Beck said. “My husband and I both work together to make sure our schedules adapt to what kid needs to go where and who needs to be at work first. I normally try to prepare a week ahead so that I know what I have to expect.”

Abby Abrams was one of Beck’s former students from the 2015-2016 school year. 

“I think that Mrs. Beck having six children makes her a teacher that is more relatable to her students because she understands our interests and why we function the way we do compared to teacher who do not have many children,” Abrams said.

Spending her whole life with children has really helped her get a sense in how and why they act the way they do. 

“Me being a parent makes me a better teacher, and me being a teacher makes me a totally better parent,” Beck said.

On top of mothering six kids and teaching sophomore English, Beck is very active. She loves biking, running, and training for boxing. Going to church is also a main focus for her and her family.

“We have been going on a couple mission trips every summer which has been a great thing and I love doing it as a family.” Beck said. “I love to see them grow in their faith through that.”

Catch a glimpse of Beck in action combining her duties as a teacher and a parent all in the same night as her and her kids take on concessions for the Homecoming Dance on October 15.