Lending a helping hand

Lending a helping hand

Photo of Tabar and Bannick’s class from a field trip last year. By Ashlee Moore

Lending a helping hand 

By: Ashlee Moore
Class: Introduction to Journalism

Greg Tabar is not only a teacher at Deer Park, but he’s also the assistant coach to the women’s soccer team and head coach for the women’s varsity basketball team for the school.

When Tabar was in high school back in 2010 at Colerain, he took a mission trip to Belize.

“I knew that I wanted to do something with kids, and then I ended up working a special needs prom at the vineyard church there and it caught my attention,” Tabar said. “I talked to one of my old football coaches that was at an all-star practice when I attended college and when I talked to him he said that if he was ever going to teach kids, it would be for kids that needed the most help and that just stuck with me.”

This is Tabar’s third year at Deer Park, he teaches the special needs class across from the gym. The class ranges from core classes to cooking; they’re even other high school students that come down to the room to help out with his class.

“Every day we have different tasks for class, we focus on life skills and things that my students will need not only during high school but after as well,” Tabar said. “We work on personal hygiene, doing dishes, just little things that every person would need to know how to do to take care of their own well-being.”

Tabar’s class, along with Ms. Weber’s class help out by recycling around the building and in the morning and even offers the teachers tea or coffee in the morning to help teachers start off their day.

“My favorite part of the job is the interaction with the kids, they bring such a unique perspective to the classroom and they always have smiles on their faces and positive outputs. They’re always so full of energy and it motivates me to be a better person and I enjoy every minute of it,” Tabar said.

“Tabar’s a good guy, I enjoy coming to his class everyday,” said Jon Hicks, a senior in Tabar’s class who’s graduating this January. “I work hard everyday in his class, I appreciate him, I’m really blessed to have him not only as a teacher but as a friend. I love all of the friends that I’ve made in here, I love them all.”