Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Women’s Basketball is just around the corner at Deer Park High School, and with a new season comes new changes to the team.


Both JV and Varsity have already started working for the upcoming season. They’ve started open gyms and they’ve already had tryouts. The team is also excited for the new changes that will be made this year.


“The biggest change that is being made this year is [the] new freshmen joining JV, and new players making the Varsity squad,” Maggie Burton said. “They won’t just be new faces that are being added to the team, but they are also bringing their talent along with them.”


Even though new players are being added to the team, they hope to keep some aspects the same from the past years.


“We will have the same team spirit as last year, [plus] we still have remaining players from last year to help guide us,” Destiney Carmichael said. “We still have the same coaches and same people involved in the program that will help us this upcoming season. Without [the coaches], our team wouldn’t be where it is right now. They’re our support system and keep us together to make our team complete.”


The team is excited to begin this season and they are ready to dominate the court this year and show us that all this practice has paid off.


“I’m excited to show people that we have improved and we can have a winning season,” Burton said. “We’ve been practicing for awhile now and we know what we are capable of doing as a team during games. In the past our defense has been better than our offense, but now we’ve worked hard on both offense and defense so we can be powerful on both aspects of the game.”


Their team motto, teamwork makes that dream work, keeps them going and practice even harder for this season as well, and it keeps their spirits up at their practices.


Come support the JV and Varsity Women’s Basketball teams Friday, November 4th to watch their first scrimmage.

By: Abby Abrams