A Foreign Feast For All

A Foreign Feast For All

DP International Club Begins By Jane Dye-Davidson

The Deer Park International Club is kicking off its November 9th meeting with a Thanksgiving potluck gathering. DPIC members will bring dishes from all around the world to share at an after-school event, with the goal of the dinner being to highlight the importance of cultures and food. This long-awaited Thanksgiving is a DPIC tradition, this year being its third annual potluck.  


“The potluck dinner was a student’s idea, and the kids got so excited about it that it just became a staple of our fall, and the kids look forward to doing a Thanksgiving dinner from all around the world,” International Club director and Spanish teacher Mrs. Taylor said.

Last year, over 20 people participated, bringing different foods such as Swedish meatballs, Filipino pancit, and Chinese eggrolls. This year’s potluck can expect to see Japanese sushi, Norwegian pancakes, and Italian spaghetti.


“Thanksgiving is American, as far as we consider it, but by having all of these dishes, we get to explore the other countries, and the best part is being able to enjoy food from other countries,” Taylor said.


“The potluck is successful because a lot of people get creative ideas and we all come together and it’s just a lot of fun,” International Club secretary Maria Duffy said.


The International Club will be hosting the potluck dinner November 9th, at 3:45pm in the Global Wildcat Headquarters.