Funnies at Fall Play

This year’s fall play won’t be conducted by Mrs. Godwin. Although she has managed the play for years in the past, it seems there is a new plot twist. One of Mrs. Godwin’s close friends, Amy Mueller, a former band coordinator and a registered nurse at Christ Hospital, has taken the podium. With new changes, a creative script, and dynamic actors, she promises this play will be a hit for everyone.


“My vision is always the same: to entertain the audience and cultivate a sense of community,” Mueller said.


Mueller has always had a passion for theatre and entertainment and hopes to bring that onto the stage this year through the production. As a former drama club member during her highschool years and a participant in an improv group at Mount Notre Dame, she isn’t new to the game by any means.


Although she doesn’t have a degree in teaching, she has experience working with teenagers and she loves the student-instructor environment. She believes the students are the most important aspect of this production and above anything else, the best part of the play will be seeing each of them shine.


“Each scene highlights the personality of each individual student. I think that’s the best part,” Mueller said.


The actors, as well, are bursting with excitement and can’t wait to hit the play out of the park. Abbey Hunter, a senior who plays a freshman girl who gets bullied, reveals some inside details and her favorite moments of the play to come.


“The theme is freshman going into highschool which is funny in and of itself, but the best scene is the one where John is talking about his vacation to Hawaii. He has some adventures with shaving… you could say. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s hilarious.”


Ethan Seiberg, a Sophomore, plays multiple characters in the play. He is a freshman, one of the school bullies, and a jock. He is looking forward to the action of the play more than the comedy and thinks even the thrill-seekers in the audience will be satisfied with the performance.


“There’s a fight scene which is my favorite. I play the bully so I get to be a part of that action which is thrilling,” Sieber said.


From fight scenes and drama to golden comedy nuggets, this play will be something no one will want to miss out on. Whether you’re looking for excitement, laughs, or just to see the students break out of their shells, it will be an enjoyable night for all. Purchase your tickets next week and come down to the deer park auditorium at 8pm on November 11th and 12th to enjoy snacks and watch the students put on an unforgettable show.