Winter Festivities in The Park

Halloween may have only been on Monday, but the winter holiday excitement is already sneaking its way in; the season of giving, hot chocolate, and A Christmas Story on repeat on every single channel. But with the holidays, come holiday breaks, and the recurring question: what am I going to do over break?


Luckily for you, there are plenty of things to do around Deer Park to get into the Christmas spirit. The dates of the following events have not yet been released, but you can expect a Christmas tree lighting at Chamberlain park, Santa riding through the streets of Deer Park passing out candy, and an annual Christmas tree sale at St.John’s church.


Aside from that, downtown Cincinnati is only about 15 minutes away, and offers a wide variety of things to do. From ice skating and horse drawn carriage rides to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati zoo.


“I like to spend a lot of my holiday break either shopping at the [Kenwood] mall, or, if there’s a lot of  snow, sledding,” said Kassidy Russell, Deer Park freshman.


This year, Deer Park Schools administrators made some changes to the schedule, and students will be receiving an even longer winter break! Break will begin Monday December 19th and school will resume on Wednesday January 4th, 2017.


“I’m happy we have a longer break this year, it means we can stay and visit with family from out of town longer, even it’s just a little bit longer,” said Taylor Readnower, Deer Park sophomore.


With all the different events and festivities going on around Deer Park, Winter Break 2016 is sure to be a success!