Starting for The Slopes

One of the events that students look forward to the most during each school year is the trip to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The trip is offered at the end of the second quarter to all high school students who had good grades and behavior throughout the quarter as a reward trip.


During the trip, students are allowed to go snow tubing individually or with friends on 23 different tubing lanes. There are certain lanes for individual riders, some that a couple of riders can go on, and lanes for groups of people. If riding with another person or more people, each person holds onto a handle of the tube from the person next to them to link tubes.


It’s not as hard as people think to get to the top of the hill. Instead of hiking to the top of a hill each ride, there’s a moving carpet that riders stand on. The carpet is like an escalator, without the steps. This makes the trip to the top of the hill much less tiring, with riders having more energy for tubing down the hill.


Riding down the hill has some elements that make it even more exciting. Instead of just riding down facing one way the whole time, the tube can spin around or turn the rider backwards during the ride. Riders can even go down the hill with their tube on their stomach! This gives riders an extra thrill while tubing down the hill.


While the students are there for the day, they can have lunch around noon and get warm inside. Students can bring a packed lunch, or bring money to buy lunch there.


Altogether, the reward trip to Perfect North Slopes is a motivator to get students to succeed, with a great reward in return.


“It’s such a fun experience, being with my friends,” student Jacob Pursley said.