Get In The Holiday Spirit This Upcoming Break

Get In The Holiday Spirit This Upcoming Break

The DP show choir practices for the upcoming concert. By Abby Abrams

Instead of students wasting their time sleeping off this upcoming winter break, they could be out doing multiple fun activities that Deer Park has to offer.

Many students are unaware of activities that go on during the holiday season in Cincinnati, especially in Deer Park. Most of these activities have already begun, or are about to begin. From The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, to the annual Choral Christmas Concert here at Deer Park High School,

¨Every year I go to the Festival of Lights with my friends,¨ junior, Elizabeth Mawhinney said. ¨We walk around and look at all the decorations set up [in the zoo], take pictures in front of the huge christmas tree they have, and watch different shows that are available.¨

There are three different choirs at Deer Park, Women´s, Men´s, and Show Choir. All three of these choirs perform at the annual Choral Christmas Concert, in front of a full crowd.

¨I am in Women's [Choir], so I have to go to the concert, but my family comes and watches every year,¨ junior, Daniela Chacon said. ¨They always say that we sound good and that it is a fun event that gets them into the holiday spirit.¨

Another event that goes on in Deer Park is the Luminaria Event that goes on in Bechtold Park. At this event, people sing christmas carols, drink hot chocolate, eat christmas cookies, and go on a hayride around Deer Park to look at decorations and lights that homes have set up.

“Last year was my first year going to Bechtold,” said Mawhinney. “My favorite part of it was the hayride. There were streets in, or around, Deer Park that I have never [seen] before, and they all had lights and decorations up. There was a really neat block, where every house had lights up or was decorated. This was a really fun experience, especially since I went with my family.”

Enjoy this holiday break, come together with friends and family, and rejoice in the holiday spirit.