Teacher, Dad and Coach: He Does It All

Teacher, Dad and Coach: He Does It All

Mr. Moore teaches World Studies to freshmen 7th bell. By Savannah Reno

Mr. Moore, the freshman World Studies teacher at DPHS juggles teaching, coaching, and being a father of three throughout the school year.

Moore works from 7:30am to 3:15pm or longer each day, and then goes home for his full time job of being a dad. When football season rolls back around, he is at the school all day long.

“I try to prioritize, putting things that are the most important first. My family's needs come first, and then my job second, and when coaching comes around, it comes third," Moore said.

Moore was a lover of history as a young kid, reading ahead in his books, and eager to find out what happens next. Inspired by a past teacher, he pursued a teaching position in history.

“I had great history teacher when I was in high school that made it very interesting," Moore said.

Moore was a walk on college football player at Ball State University in Muncie, where he earned his degree.

"I worked my way through the scout playing (not playing) to earning a scholarship my senior year," Moore said.

Moore had a  determination to play, and a love of the game. He played every game his senior year, and now coaches at DP. This work ethic is reflected in his classroom as well.

"I try to give many opportunities for students to be successful. I make my students earn their grades, and try to instill a work ethic in my students," Moore said.