Turning Time Tables

This school year, Deer Park classroom time is ticking away. Before the new school year began, officials said it was time for a later start time.



Last year, the school day began at 7:45. This year, the start time changed to 8:10. Most students and faculty found themselves pleased with the new change.



Teachers are now allowed time to meet with colleagues before the day begins. As the school year progresses opportunities also arise for students to seek help  for classes before the school day starts, along with making up a certain assignments due to teachers.



“Teachers get a sense of mind and allows them to decompress in the morning along with getting ready for the day,” 10th grade English teacher Suzy Beck said. “It also allows a way for teachers to collaborate about students needs and necessities in order to pass.” Beck also urged that outside of a professional standpoint, the new schedule helped her on a personal level, too.



“Structure and along enough time to play’s perfectly within my morning as I rush my kids to get to school and appear at work on time view” Beck also said.  



Aside from the teacher’s point of you there’s also been a positive change from the attendance office’s  standpoint.



“Attendance/Tardies has had a major change since the new start time, because they have a longer leaway time to get ready” Attendance Management secretary Melissa Vickery said. “I believe it’s better to have a longer start time because it not only allows students to get here on time it allows faculty, I have two boys and a later start time gives me an easier morning,” Vickery said.




In experience with different start times for the school day most students and faculty say seven to eight o’clock is the best time to start the day. This gives longer hours and a shorter day.



Students and faculty strongly like the change and hope it’s the continuation  due to it benefit the schedule both academically and personally.