Parkers Excitement Grows

Parkers Excitement Grows

By Trystan Peters

With Parkers auditions wrapping up, multiple freshmen dashed to the sign-up sheets to try and make their first year in high school close out in an interesting way.. The students have been ecstatic to attempt to make it into the largest performance of the year.


“Well, I’ve just always kind of been into kind of the theater and on-stage and I just feel really [excited about]  this opportunity…” freshman Jacob Anderson said.


Students are trying to make sure they can be seen and heard during these performances, especially because this performance is the finishing event for their first year in high school.


“I wish to enter the show so I can make myself known, and also so that can I can open myself up to new experiences,” freshman Angel Van Camp said.


Students are also trying to enjoy their time as the year rounds out with an experience that could be remembered through their years.


“I want to enter the show because I have seen it in previous years,” freshman Kendall Allen said, “...and it’s fun!”


While the reasons are different, many freshmen can agree that Parkers will be an investing and excitable time, where students can enjoy the hours they spend rehearsing, and the resulting cheers and applause from the crowd as they finish their performance. Even the choral director Ms. Marie Kramer is enjoying the auditions, as it is her first year at Deer Park Schools.


“Auditions were fun! It was really fun to see the energy and the full sound that came out of the group that came out for auditions…” Kramer said. “It’s definitely a large task to take on, but this is part of my job that I love to do.”


However, there are two sides to every coin. While freshmen wish to enter the show, the workload pushed onto them is unclear, because they have to continue  with school work, with mandatory practices, and the grueling spring tests that require many hours of study to guarantee that classes can and will be passed.


“I’ve always been pretty okay at balancing my schedule…” Anderson said. “I feel pretty up to the task.”


With all the energy students are experiencing this quarter, many students believe that the performance is going to be interesting how the show itself turns out, and if the excitement is able to continue on through this performance to the next freshmen.

Parkers will be taking place on April 28 and April 29, 2017 at 8pm on Saturday and 2pm and 8pm on Sunday in the Deer Park High School auditorium.