Life of A Teacher: Behind the Scenes

Teachers have several struggles inside and outside the classroom. The job of an educator doesn’t end at 3 p.m Monday through Friday. Several hours of work has to be done after school between preparing for the next day of class and grading students’ work.


“ I wanted to become a teacher to have the opportunity to let students enjoy math to have more positive feelings toward school and math,”  Ms.Heile, 10th grade geometry teacher at Deer Park, said.


Challenges she faces are the large workload, stress, and increased pressure because of test scores.


“ I enjoy everyday at my job so I am happy, but my nights and weekends are taken up more by school work,” Heile said.


Some activities she enjoys outside of school are playing flag football, going to Bengals games, and planning her wedding.


“ The secret to my successful career of an educator is balancing work and personal life, not being too serious, and gaining positive relationships with students,” Heile said.


Mr. Schomaker, the Sports Medicine teacher at Deer Park, has done it all. Before he started teaching at Deer Park, he was retired from working in various professions in the medical field.


“ Watching people being able to learn and grow is one of the greatest things in life, to be able to help somebody understand a concept or something they didn't know about is very rewarding,” Schomaker said.


“ The biggest challenge is that I have freshman through seniors and the maturity level is very [different] in those age groups and dealing with all the different personalities can be difficult at times,” Schomaker said.


Outside of school, Schomaker is a tri-athlete which includes swimming, biking and running. He also helps a shelter for trafficked women with his wife.


Other teachers shared similar thoughts on teaching, like 8th grade science teacher, Evan Hills.


“I've always wanted to be a teacher, I’ve always known since high school. When had a class called Teacher’s Academy which prepared students to become a teacher. I’ve always love working with students and coaching. From there on I was like ‘teaching is definitely what I want to do,’” Hills said.


Hills does many activities outside of school such as golf, going out with friends, and spending time with family, since they all live in the same area.


“ You’re dealing with 95 students with different concerns, questions, wants and needs and you have to bring all that home with you. Teaching is constantly in my head no matter what I’m doing and where I’m at, “ Hills said.


“ This is my second year, so I have a long way to go to become a successful teacher, but I think I learn from everything, whether it’s something good or something bad, I try to take whatever it is and make it better, so I won’t see my successful career until I retire.”

Hills says he tries to tell his students and fellow teachers that “ it’s always something to learn. It’s a learning curve, and you’re getting better every year.”