Countdown to May 25: What's Next for Seniors?

With about four months left until May 25, seniors are about to cross the finish line of their final semester of high school. Only four months left of school are required by law; the rest is completely up to them.


Many seniors are on the path to higher education at a college of their choice, others are serving their country by joining the army, and the rest are jumping into the workforce right after high school. Some have no idea what they’ll be doing this time next year.


Sarah Wood is a senior who plans to attend Xavier University in the fall to study Middle Childhood Education. She volunteers in an eighth grade classroom through Communiserve, a volunteer program at the high school. She attributes her desired subject of study to the volunteer work she has done through this opportunity.


“[High school] has helped me solve problems, do presentations, get my work done on time, and be disciplined,” Wood said.


Jordan Timmerding is a senior who recently decided he did not want to attend a university, and instead wanted to serve his country in the U.S. Army. Although he says his choice to enlist was recent, he sees more options available to him in the Army.


“It seemed like the right thing to do,” Timmerding said.


Not all seniors are as decisive about what they plan to do after graduation. Senior English teacher Mr. Tim Hubbard knows all too well how there are two types of seniors around this time of year: those who know exactly what they want to do, and those who are just trying to get through high school. The way he looks at it, he’s here to do everything he can to make the transition from high school to college, or military, or workforce as seamless as possible.


“It’s hard to really know whether or not you’ve made a difference but I certainly try to help students realize what their options are. Your options are often times greater than what you think they are. Hopefully I’m able to share with them at some point that college can be a lot of fun as well,” Hubbard said.


Hubbard also touched on the fear of debt by explaining that it’s not the worst thing in the world when you get the experience at college that you want, and the feeling of accomplishment after finishing.


“Don’t just assume that all schools are created equal and that all programs are created equal because they’re not. Take the time, get intentionality, think about what you want and then look at who can help you get there,” Hubbard said.


Time is running out for seniors as the school year is ending, and it’s decision-making time. Whatever that decision may be, it’s important these seniors be both intentional and considerate.