Multiple Modernized Modifications to DP

Multiple Modernized Modifications to DP

By Valary Leland & Emily Winter

Since 2007, Deer Park High School has undergone changes, ranging from a $2.5 million athletic complex to broadening the academics program with five new Career Academy courses.


There have been numerous athletic changes made, including the addition of the new turf football/soccer field, but also the removal of teams like 9th grade basketball, golf, and swimming.


There have also been ideas to add new sports team, as well as bring back old programs.


“I would love to see if we could do some type of golf program again,” basketball coach Evan Hills said. “I think lacrosse would be interesting to try out especially with the new field turf.”


The academic program has also expanded. One of the major academic changes that has been made was the addition of the career academies. These new courses allow students to take a class that they are interested in that can help them in their future career.


“The transformation of the Wildcat Den and career academies, I think [have] been the biggest change[s],” Jeoff Gabbard said.


The addition of a sports medicine course in the Career Academies has allowed those interested in being a trainer or physical therapist a class that will help them succeed in their career. There are also courses that have been removed like personal skills, shop, and German.


“We used to have Personal Skills and Home Economics classes that we don’t have anymore,” seventh grade English teacher, Kelly Hibbett said. “I’d like to see German come back, and also maybe Latin or Chinese.”


There are also many different activities and clubs for students to join including the addition of photography, the red zone, and step up club. Other ideas that have also been brought up.


“Students have brought to my attention a video gaming club,” Hills said.


However, there was the removal of Earth Science club, and Quo Vadis magazine entries.


“There used to be a literary magazine, that a long time ago, when it first started, it was called ‘Quo Vadis’, which is a Latin phrase meaning where are you going, and students from all grades would submit poetry and short stories to it, and it would be published,” Hibbett said.


There are more changes that teachers hope that will be made in the near future. For example, the widening of foreign languages, more diverse core class options, and more advanced technology in the classroom for students.


“I would like to see us have a more diverse math program. I would like there to be more options for students as opposed to just Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2,” Gabbard said.

There have been countless improvements to the school, and there are still more in the works.