Professeur de Français

Over 220 million people around the world speak the language of French. In the community of Deer Park there’s one teacher who brings the language to life. As she brings the language to life, she not only shares her own knowledge, she sets a path to the peak of fluently speaking the language.

10-30 students at Deer Park High School set out on their journey through French brick road to learn each school year.


“Learning the language of love can not only be complicated but also a very compelling struggle although learning french I do believe helps with learning the English language” Martha Kitsini said.


Around 66,810 million people live in the country of France. Over 32,395 million people live in America. That makes 32,328.19 more people live in America than France


“If I had the choice to live in France over America permanently I would have to choose America because my family is here although I’d definitely do the opportunity of having dual citizenship between both places,” Kitsini said.


“Honestly if I had to choose between the two countries I would go with France because I feel they are more organized with how they handle difficult challenges and their society is more adapted with the roots of their culture,” Faith Fowler, a French Student at Deer Park High School, said.


Deer Park originally offered 3 different languages German, Spanish, and French, although after this year only two were given the ability to stay which is French and Spanish.


“Given the choice to go back and change my choice to learn French over the other languages offered I would still continue to learn French because it’s such a beautiful language to me and I wanted to learn about a culture that was completely different from my own,” Faith Fowler also said.


Becoming a teacher takes at least 4 years to have a fully developed degree, along with a preparation program. Martha Kitsini has been one of many to take the step in becoming a teacher.


“What compelled me to become a teacher was not only my love in interest in the culture of French people but I also wanted to share my knowledge of the language with nonspeaking people,” Kitsini said.