Running the Classroom

Running the Classroom

By Kierstyn Cordrey

Miss Weisenborn, eighth grade English teacher and junior high track coach, teaches kids inside and outside of school. Beginning in the year of 2015, she started teaching the eighth grade at Deer Park High School. Not only did she become a new teacher, she also started coaching the junior high track team.


“I like being able to interact with students in different ways,” Weisenborn stated.


Before coming to Deer Park, Miss Weisenborn started her teaching career five years ago. With this teaching experience, also comes running experience. Weisenborn has a running background that goes back to fifth grade. Since then she's trained every summer. She has ran in marathons that include the Columbus Marathon, and the Flying Pig.  12 half marathons, and also completed one Olympic triathlon, and 3 sprint triathlons. In high school she did track,cross country, and basketball.


“I think her running background helps us at practice,” Keara Crockett, eighth grade track runner, said.


In track, all the coaches have their own specialty that they coach. Miss Weisenborn specializes in mid-distance and distance.


“Track was actually my least favorite sport in high school, so I didn't think I would coach it. I thought I would've coached cross country,” Weisenborn said.


However with all the grading, coaching, and planning comes a tight and busy schedule.


“I have a very strict schedule, I prioritize certain things. I get done what I need to first then the fun stuff comes after,” Weisenborn said.


In the end, what a person has passion for is all that matters. Miss Weisenborn likes interacting with students, coaching the junior high track, and teaching all at the same time.


“Running is my therapy, it makes me feel better, and it clears my head.”


Miss Weisenborn impacts her students in many good ways, whether it's from new techniques in and out of the classroom.


“Miss Weisenborn is a very energetic, positive, kind, and caring person,” Crockett said.


The last question asked to Miss Weisenborn was if running will always be a big part of her life.

“Yes, and it always will be,” she responded.