An Incredible Transition

An Incredible Transition

Cupul works on a French assignment at school. By Ceaira Jerry

From the depths of Mexico to the inner workings of a small town this young Deer Park student Carlos Cupul, has managed to overcome not only an entirely new school but also the basics of a new language within a short period of time.


“ At first it wasn’t weird because when you’re coming from another state or country you have to learn how to adapt to your surroundings,” Carlos said.


Carlos came to Deer Park High School in the fall of 2016 not knowing what to expect. His family made a decision to bring him to the United States wanting the best opportunities for him.


Coming to Deer Park Carlos had no knowledge of English, but knew he had to learn how to speak the language.


“ It was very difficult learning how to speak English, but it’s easier to me now,” Carlos said.


Being a teacher they have to work with your student and make sure they’re understanding the knowledge they’re trying to give them as their teacher. Mr. Moore, Deer Park 9th grade history teacher, was one of the teachers at Deer Park that taught/helped Carlos throughout the school year of 2016.


“ We used a lot of google translate and modified assignments to make it less challenging for him to understand the key ideas of my lessons. Google translate didn’t always help because sometimes I would google translate things and he looked at me like ‘that doesn’t make any sense’ but it helped a little bit for us to be able to communicate,” Moore said.


For a student coming from a different country let alone a different state Carlos has made a miraculous accomplishment with learning how to adapt to his surroundings so quickly.


“ What helped me was practicing every single day and my teachers helped me. At first it was so annoying because I didn’t want to but now I’m happy that I got to learn,” Carlos said.


Being a teacher they also get to see your students prosper and accomplish things in their years of school.

“ I’d say it was interesting being able to see him grow because as an American who only speaks english it was interesting seeing how he was picking up words and phrases and becoming fluent so quickly. It was very interesting to watch,” Moore said.