Southwest to Midwest

Southwest to Midwest

Maher works at his desk between bells. By Megan Gates

Moving is considered one of life’s most stressful events as is, but moving across the country into a new unfamiliar place is a whole different ball game.


Sean Maher is a history teacher at Deer Park High School. He teaches AP U.S. History, Government, AP European History, and Contemporary World Issues. He moved to Ohio from southern California in 2001 after meeting his wife in Cincinnati. He already had a Master’s degree in history at the time, so he went to Xavier University to receive his teaching certificate and the rest is history.


“One way or the other I was getting out [of southern California]. Marriage provided me a good opportunity to leave. Going back [to California], I’m not going to say it’s out of the question ever, but I don’t really think about it,” Maher said.


When it came time to move, Maher sold the house he owned back in California, packed up a moving truck, towed his car, and drove across the country for four or five days.


“The most difficult [part of moving] is saying goodbye to everything that is part of your story. Everything that defines who I am is associated with that place. That’s the hardest part about leaving a place, especially when you’ve got really deep roots,” Maher said.


Although he did not originally start teaching at Deer Park as a history teacher, (he taught computer classes at first) he is now the source of history knowledge for hundreds of students.


“I have been asked to take on other programs here at the school in the past that are outside of history, and I have politely declined because I love teaching history. That’s my thing. That’s what I’m best at I think so that’s where I’m going to stay,” Maher said.


Kyra Fuller is a junior at Deer Park who was in Maher’s AP U.S. History class for her sophomore year.


“He incorporates a level of humor and fun into [class]. He’s not just lecturing, he’s making jokes, he’s keeping us on our toes. He likes to put things into his own words sometimes, and it’s pretty funny. He’s got some pretty good jokes,” Fuller said.


Shannon Wilkerson is another history teacher at Deer Park High School. She’s known Maher for twelve years and teaches in the classroom right next door.


“He is completely different than me [with teaching], although we both like to talk a lot. I’m kill and drill and he’s warm and fuzzy,” Wilkerson said.


With southern California, moving hassles, and computer classes behind him, Maher looks to his present and future: teaching at Deer Park. If one thing is certain, history will always be a major part of this Californian’s life.