Flags and Family: 24 Years in the Making

Flags and Family: 24 Years in the Making

Mrs. L’s teaching in action to her color guard girls on Saturday morning in the auditorium of Deer Park High School. By Valary Leland

Brenda Livingston, kindergarten teacher and color guard director at Deer Park, dedicates all of her time to her children, whether that is at school teaching six year olds or bright and early on Saturday mornings to her color guard girls.


Transitioning between the two different age groups would seem difficult, but not to Mrs. Livingston.



“There really isn’t a difference[from teaching six year olds to high schoolers]. Six year olds like hugs, high schoolers like hugs. Six year olds like candy, high schoolers like candy. Six year olds like to be on Ipads, high schoolers like to be on their phones,”  Livingston said. “I would say I get to teach the best of both worlds.”


Mrs. Livingston has been teaching color guard for 24 years, but how she became the director is quite the story.


“It was my first year teaching at Deer Park when this man shows up at my door. It was Joe Vetter, and he said you don’t know me, but I need your help. He hands me a VHS tape, and says this is color guard, and I popped it in and went, oh my gosh what have I got myself into,” Livingston said.


Even though the first year had some difficulties, she has continued to be a part of the program.


“I am afraid to give it[color guard program] to anyone else. I’ve tried to leave, but it doesn’t work,” Livingston said.


Her son and daughter are currently in college and help with the program along with her husband Nelson.


It’s[color guard] fun, and now my entire family is a part of it,” Livingston said.


She has left an impact on about everyone she has taught. Whenever someone brings up the name Livingston, they will have a story about her.


“She’s like a mother figure to me, if I need to talk to someone I know I can go to her,” Jillian Thomas, present color guard member, said.


Many of Mrs. Livingston’s students could say that their life has been changed because of her. However, the ones most affected by her would be the color guard squad.


“[Mrs. Livingston has taught me] to never give up on something that you dream of,” Thomas said.

Mrs. Livingston has been a part of the Deer Park community in many ways, and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.