Breaking Down the Report Card: Part 2

Breaking Down the Report Card: Part 2

Dear Families and Community Members of Deer Park Schools:

Continuing our series of releases on the annual report card, today we would like to help you better understand the Progress component of the report card. 

The Progress component of the report card looks at the growth all students are making based on their past performance on state assessments.  When looking at the Progress component, it's extremely important to understand how ODE calculates the A-F ratings.  This explanation is necessary because it does not correspond to what we all have come to know and understand a letter grade to mean in our past experiences.  The ODE gives the Progress component or “value added” letter grades based on a “Gain Index” scale.

A & B - more than one year’s worth of growth
C - students receive a year’s worth of growth*

  • *It is important to note that this is the target.  The goal is for students to receive at least a year’s worth of growth.

D & F - less than a year’s worth of growth

Prior to this year’s report card, Progress was measured on state assessments in math and English language arts in grades 4 - 8.  New to this year’s report card are Progress measures based on state assessments in grade 5 science, grade 8 science,  and grade 6 social studies.  Progress measures have also been added at the high school level based on end of course assessments in English Language arts and mathematics.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) specifically measures four different categories for Progress on the state report card:

  1. All students;
  2. Gifted identified students;
  3. Students performing at the lowest 20% in achievement; and,
  4. Students with disabilities. 

The ODE grades this component by giving districts an A, B, C, D, or F rating for each of the four categories and then the ODE gives each building and district an overall component grade.   The component grade is calculated by adding all four categories at each building and district together by using the following weights: All Students = 55%, Gifted Students = 15%, Students with Disabilities = 15% and Lowest 20% in Achievement = 15%.   Please see the example below.

Amity Elementary
All Students = A
Gifted Students = C
Lowest 20% in Achievement = C
Students with Disabilities = C
Overall Component Grade = B

The overall component grade of a B is given to Amity Elementary when you add all the categories together using the weights that the ODE has established.

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