Parents: Check Grades on Schoology

Parents: Check Grades on Schoology

Parents: Check Grades on Schoology

Paperless interims!

Dear parents and guardians:

We want parents to have the most updated grades at the time grades are entered, so we will no longer be sending home hard copies of midterm grades. In fact, many times interims do not make it home or they are forgotten in the bottom of backpacks.

We want parents to feel comfortable using Schoology and to become accustomed with checking grades on its platform. Not only is moving to Schoology a timelier and efficient way of distributing grades, but it is also in line with what other districts are doing to communicate out interims and final quarter grades.

Parents should log into their Schoology ( account and check interim grades on Friday, November 18. 

If you forgot your password, contact your building secretary.

Thank you,

Stace Orso, Principal at Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School
Mark Smiley, Principal at Amity Elementary
Sonny Tudor, Principal at Holmes Elementary

If you do not have access to Schoology and you would like a hard copy, please contact (see below):
Holmes: Contact your child’s teacher.
Amity: Contact your child’s teacher.
Jr./Sr. High School: Contact your child’s school counselor.

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