Amity Project: Bi-Weekly Update 11/30

Amity Project: Bi-Weekly Update 11/30

Proposed new side entry

Amity Project - On the Move

Bi-Weekly Update: November 30, 2016

  1. Soil borings are being done. Soil borings are used to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site. This information is analyzed in a lab by a geotechnical engineer and findings are used to inform the design of foundations for proposed addition and new paving. Often times in our region we see shale or clays in the ground and foundations and parking lots need to be designed accordingly.

  2. All windows are being measured and ordered. This summer 2017, all windows will restore the historical beauty of the Amity Elementary building (see picture below).
  3. A site survey is underway to plan for the new entry on the side of the building (where the current gym is located).
  4. Design teams are being created. These teams will consist of members of the Executive Design Team (EDT), members of the Board of Education, the Director of Communication, select teachers and staff, and some parents.
STAY TUNED: Coming up we will announce the dates of presentations at Board of Education meetings as well as an open community forum!