Amity Project: Q &A

Amity Project: Q &A

A Community Forum was held on Monday, January 23 at 6pm in the Crawford Auditorium. Questions and answers from the forum follow.

Q) How close will the gym be to houses behind?
A) The current plan calls for the wall of the gym to be setback 27 feet from the curb on Linden.

Q) When will restrooms be renovated in timeline?
A) Depending on the scope of work during the summer of 2017 some may be renovated but all
     will be renovated or new by August of 2018.

Q) Will there be a new sprinkler system? How many per room?
A) Yes, there will be a new sprinkler system in the building and it must meet code regulations.

Q) Will there be walls?
A) Yes, there will be walls separating classrooms but there will also be flexible learning spaces
     with moving walls within many of the classrooms for teachers and students to utilize.

Q) How long will the walk be in for kids from new entrance?
A) Distances vary for those dropped off in the parking lot by parents or those who are dropped
    off by a school bus. However, the walk to the entrance will be somewhat minimal as parking and
    drive up/drop off is probably only 30 feet from the new entrance to the parking lot.

Q) Will there be a traffic light on Beech and Galbraith?
A) We are currently working with the city to determine this possibility.

Q) How long before the new gym is created?
A) The New gym will open in the fall of 2018.

Q) When phase 2 is occurring will that be during the school year? How will that be for students in the
A) Our construction manager HGC has extensive experience in building and renovation of
     schools and has plans in place to keep disruptions due to construction to a minimum.

Q) The finished building project won't be ready until fall 2018? 22 months timeline?
A) Correct, all construction will be completed by the fall of 2018, however the bulk of the work
    will occur during the summer breaks in 2017 and 2018.

Q) Entrance - when it's finished will those doors still be used for entry?
A) The main entrance and only point of entry during school hours will be the newly configured
     entrance off Beech Ave. for security purposes. The current entrance off of Galbraith will not be
     accessible after the fall of 2018.

Q) What is plan for dropping off and picking up?
A) This is still being developed by the architects and engineers in cooperation with the city, but ingress and egress will     likely flow from the side streets of Linden and Beech and not from Galbraith for safety purposes.

Q) How many entrances are there going to be?
A) One main entrance during the school day for security purposes and multiple exits for
evacuation purposes.

Q) Will the playground be moved?
A) No, the playground will likely stay in its current location.

Q) Where will the gym entrance be and how will that be separated?
A) The gym entrance will most likely be accessible from the main entrance hallway.

Q) Has there been discussion about a separate area for kindergarten recess? What about a courtyard
A) Yes, both these possibilities are being explored.

Q) How realistic is timeline? Will you be able to stay in schedule?
A) The timeline is very aggressive but due to CMAR process, the school administration, construction manager and            architect are all optimistic we can achieve our goals and keep the project on schedule.

Q) Are the windows able to be opened by staff to get fresh air?
A) Yes, the new windows will have the capability to be opened by staff.

Q) In newer classrooms within each room there are open window spaces - will teachers be able to close
       those down to eliminate distractions?
A) Yes, teachers will have this and more flexibility in their classrooms.

Q) Is the roof pitched or flat?
A) It will be both, depending on which part of the building you are looking at. The current Amity
    School will retain a pitch roof with the view from Galbraith Road, other parts of the building,
    especially the new space will likely have a low sloped roof. Building Code requires that all roofs
    have a minimum pitch to positively drain rain.

Q) Will it be shingled or rubber roof?
A) There will most likely be a combination of both.

Q) Operating costs - energy efficiency, how was that factored into the design?
A) Our architect and engineers will work closely with Duke Energy, other heating and cooling
     experts, and Building Code requirements to assure an energy efficient building.

Q) Over lighting buildings was a mistake I have made. Just sharing a past mistake learned from. LED?
A) We will work closely to be sure the proper and most efficient lighting both inside and outside
     the building is achieved.

Q) Mechanical systems life cycle costs. Be sure to look at life cycle and how long they will last?
A) We are and have met with several different mechanical contractors to research and find the
     best and most efficient mechanical systems for the best life cycle of the new school.

Q) When will Holmes students move over?
A) Holmes students will move over in the Fall of 2018.

If you have questions regarding the Amity project, please contact Director of Business Operations, Jim Stoll at