March 1 Community Forum Q & A

March 1 Community Forum Q & A

March 1, 2017

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 6 pm the Deer Park Schools and their architect SHP held a community forum on the exciting Amity School project.  A list of questions and answers from that meeting are below.

Have you had any discussions about saving historical items prior to demo?
Yes, there currently is a historical item salvage list and we are going to figure out how to integrate these items into the new building.

Will there be 3D renderings or movies of the plans?
Yes, we have preliminary images at this point but later in the spring will have 3D animated images to share.

How close to Linden will the building be?
It is approximately 27 feet from the edge of the building to the south curb at Linden.

How will loading and unloading happen? (Rumpke, food service). What street will trucks come in off from?
The plan is to bring in building services off of Linden to the new kitchen area.

May need to look at quality of Linden if trucks will be on that road. Not sure how much asphalt is down on that area. It's typical for cities to work with local schools to address road wear and tear as a result of construction.

Where will retention area be?
We are currently planning for burying detention at the corner of Linden and Beech Street.

What will happen with existing fence that is new?
Any new decorative style fence that has gone in recently will be salvaged. New fencing that will be added will also match the current style.