April 10 Community Forum Q & A

On Monday, April 10, 2017 at 6 p.m. the Deer Park Schools and their architect SHP held a third community forum on the exciting Amity School project.  A list of questions and answers from that meeting are below. The PowerPoint presentation from the forum can be found here.

The existing limestone - will that be sandblasted or cleaned?
Options will be evaluated in order to determine the best way to clean the existing limestone, however, no plans have been decided up to this point.

How many square feet will we end up with?
Approximately 48,000 square feet will be added, and approximately 52,000 square feet of the current facility renovated.

Will windows in the gym have the same blinds to block out light?
No, blackout shades will be installed which can be drawn during stage performances. The gym windows allow for much more natural light during the day than the current gym. Because the windows are on a Northern configuration, more ambient light than direct sunlight will enter the gym.

Will the stair lifts be removed?
Yes, the stair lifts will be removed, and new ramps will be installed to allow access to the second and third floors for ADA compliance. A new elevator provides access to all floors, as well.

The transformers on Beech Street - will anything be done to block that view from the perspective of the entrance?
Privacy hedges will line the East edge of the property next to the parking lot, though the hedges will not completely block the transformers. 

How would bleachers work if you were running two games at once?
The bleachers can be partially pushed in to allow room for two courts to run simultaneously. There is also a possibility of putting temporary bleachers on the stage to allow for extra seating.

Any development on the traffic pattern and whether a traffic light will be added?
A traffic study has been commissioned and efforts are underway to best decide how to handle traffic flow off Galbraith Road during drop-off and pick up times, though no official decisions have been made.