Kettering Fairmount Competition



Saturday, October 14, 2017

3750 Far Hills Ave, Kettering, OH 45429



The address above is for Kettering Board of Education and Roush Stadium is located behind that building.  Go just past the BOE & turn right on Storms Avenue to park in the neighborhood.Kettering-Fairmont Competition, 10/14/2017

· TBA – Guard Report

· 10:15am – Percussion report

· 10:50am – Band report; rehearsal

· 11:45am – Load equipment trucks

· 12:30pm – Depart for Dayton Mall

· 1:30pm – Lunch at Dayton Mall

· 2:30pm – Depart Dayton Mall for Kettering

· 3:00pm – Arrive at Kettering; Unload and Dress

· 3:45pm – Basics

· 4:15pm – Warm-up

· 5:05pm – On the Ready Line

· 5:15pm – SHOWTIME!!

· 5:30pm – Return to trucks, reload, change, return to stands afterwards

· 7:00pm – Class C/B Awards Ceremony

· 9:00pm – Return to buses, depart for DPHS

· 10:00pm – Arrive at DPHS, unload, dismiss after unload is complete

**As with previous competitions, please make sure to bring along enough money for both lunch and dinner. Also, Kettering usually has souvenir booths selling clothing, pins, buttons, etc, if you would like to purchase any.

**Both times we have stopped at the mall to eat lunch, you have been very well behaved. Please continue to display proper behavior to represent yourselves and our group with pride.

**October is a very busy month for all of us. We have 3 straight weekends of competitions ahead of us, so make sure to wisely manage your time, school work, social life, band efforts, and personal well-being.

**No Excuses…No Regrets. We’re marching for ourselves now. What have YOU done to be Superior today?

**One Band...One Sound**

**Deer Park Band...Band For Life**

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