Forest Hills MAA Band Expo


5:30 PM

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2650 Bartels Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244



Forest Hills MAA Band Expo, 10/21/17

· TBA – Guard reports

· 10:30am – Percussion reports

· 11:30am – Full Ensemble reports; rehearsal

· 12:45pm – Load equipment trucks & buses

· 1:30pm – Depart DPHS

· 1:45pm – Arrive @ Kenwood Mall (lunch)

· 2:45pm – Depart Kenwood Mall for Turpin HS

· 3:15pm – Arrive @ Turpin HS, unload & dress

· 4:00pm – Basics & stretching

· 4:35pm – Warm-up (30 minutes)

· 5:05pm – Depart warm-up

· 5:20pm – On the ready line

· 5:30pm – SHOWTIME!!

· 5:45pm – Return to trucks, reload, return to stands afterwards

· 8:45pm – Awards ceremony

· 9:15pm – Depart for DPHS

· 9:45pm – Return to DPHS, unload, dismiss afterwards

**Once again, bring enough money for both lunch and dinner**
**The current weather forecast looks ideal for our performance time. I still recommend wearing light-weight clothing under your uniform in order to stay cool during the show, but bringing along warmer clothes to change into after our performance in case you get chilly!**

**We need to recognize the fantastic parent volunteers who have been so indispensably helpful throughout the season. To everyone who has dedicated their free time, resources, efforts, blood/sweat/tears to helping our students achieve and succeed, WE ALL THANK YOU!!**

**This performance concludes our Regional competition season. To all of you, especially Seniors, who have put so much effort into this group, I personally say THANK YOU. It’s time to finish strong, get some helpful comments from our judges, and prepare ourselves (mind, body, and soul) for State Finals next week (Oct. 29th). Give it all you’ve got, and let’s finish on a high note…but not too high, trumpets!!

** One Band…One Sound Deer Park Band…Band for Life

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