OMEA State Marching Band Finals


5:15 PM

Sunday, October 29, 2017

University of Dayton - Welcome Stadium



OMEA State Marching Band Finals, SUNDAY, 10/29

 TBA – Guard Report

 12:00pm – Winds & Percussion report (distribute money…see below)

 12:30pm – Rehearse on main field

 1:15pm – Load trucks

 2:00pm – Depart DPHS for University of Dayton Welcome Stadium

 3:00pm – Arrive @ UD, unload & dress

 3:45pm – Basics

 4:15pm – Warm-up

 5:00pm – Move to Ready Line

 5:15pm – CHICAGO 25 (one…last…time )

 5:30pm – Return to buses/trucks…fast & efficient re-load

 6:00pm – Return to Stands for Awards

 6:15pm – Awards Ceremony

 6:30pm – Depart UD, head to Middletown exit off I-75

 7:15pm – Arrive at Middletown restaurant stop

 8:15pm – Depart Middletown for DPHS

 8:45pm – Arrive at DPHS, unload, dismiss when finished

**The Deer Park Board of Education, in recognition of your superior efforts this season, has granted us a $10/per student meal stipend to use during our special dinner stop in Middletown.

You may choose to eat dinner at any number of restaurants at our exit. Please be sure to bring along a few extra $$, in case your bill exceeds $10 (don’t forget a tip!!)

Thank you, Deer Park BOE!!**

**Be sure to eat a healthy lunch prior to arriving for rehearsal…fuel your body!**

**The weather forecast calls for a relatively chilly day. Be prepared by bringing multiple thin layers of clothing so you can customize your “under your uniform” gear as necessary.**

**State Week always sneaks up on me. We work tirelessly for months on end, then all of a sudden, the light at the end of the tunnel gets very bright. To each of you, whether you’re a student, staff member, director, or family member, I extend my gratitude and congratulations on

a tremendous season. Your music has been unforgettable!**

One Band…One Sound

Deer Park Band…Band For Life!!


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