Senior Serve event to take place April 3-7

The Deer Park Community Service program received a $1250 grant through the Mayerson foundation to be used for the senior serve event taking place from April 3rd through April 7th. Authored by Timothy Hubbard and Corrie Madden, the focus of the grant is to supply Deer Park seniors with opportunities to use community service as a means of engaging the greater Cincinnati community.

During this week seniors will be volunteering at a number of social service agencies, from Matthew 25 Ministries to Our Daily Bread. This grant will help provide a "meal with purpose" on Friday as students learn about Venice on Vine, and will additionally help compensate speakers and tour guides throughout the week.

Here is what a few of the seniors are saying about the upcoming week:

"I'm looking forward to the people and the type of work we are going to be doing...I like the idea of taking what I learn to other places beyond Deer Park"
-Eric Webb

"You get to take the experience with you, I'm looking forward to helping others...I have a wider connection to the community based on the volunteer work I have already done and this presents a bigger opportunity"
-Elizabeth Morgan

Deer Park students have a history at Our Daily Bread, having worked in 2014 to preserve murals painted on the exterior walls. Here is a story covering the trip from Local 12 News: