Meet the New Staff: Emily Rathge

To start the 2017-18 school year, we would like to take time to introduce the community to all of our new staff members! Each week, we will introduce two new members of the Deer Park family with a short question and answer session.  We will continue this until you have met every new face at Deer Park!

Emily Rathge, Speech-Language Pathologist, 
Amity and Jr./Sr. High School

Five years ago...I was in my first year of graduate school at UC and was newly engaged to my husband and beginning to plan our wedding.
Five years from now...I hope to still be in Cincinnati here at Deer Park!
The farthest I have ever traveled from home is...Europe (Spain, Portugal, and Ireland) but I’ve also been to Haiti on a mission trip.
My favorite place in the world is...My grandparent’s home in Reading, Ohio.
What is the last book you have read? Babywise (a book about getting babies to sleep!)
What is the last movie you've seen? Moana
What is your favorite kind of music? I love all kinds! I love John Mayer, Eric Church, Norah Jones, and The Beatles to name a few
Who is your favorite sports team? Green Bay Packers
What are two activities you do in your free time? I love to be outdoors and craft projects
What excites you most about the start of a new school year? Meeting new students and staff
What three words best describe you? caring, observant, considerate
You are given $5,000. How do you spend it? Vacation
The title of a book about my life would be... A Life About the Journey, not the Destination