Meet the New Staff: Matt Reis

To start the 2017-18 school year, we would like to take time to introduce the community to all of our new staff members! Each week, we will introduce two new members of the Deer Park family with a short question and answer session.  We will continue this until you have met every new face at Deer Park!

Matt Reis, Choir Director, 
Amity Elementary and Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School

Five years ago...I was working at the Apple store in Kenwood mall and singing professionally. I had just gotten home from a 6 week young artist program in Graz Austria. It was pretty awesome.
Five years from now...I hope to have children and be living in a house with my family. I also hope to have an amazing DP choir program that people will travel from the furthest reaches of the globe to hear us sing. Really, I just hope that I’m loving life as a choir teacher and an amazing father.
The farthest I have ever traveled from home is...I’ve been to Thailand and South Korea- might be a tie. I also lived in Rome, Italy for a year.
My favorite place in the world is...Rome, Italy.
What is the last book you have read? Dad is Fat by Jim Gafigan
What is the last movie you've seen? Moana
What is your favorite kind of music? Opera or worship music
Who is your favorite sports team? Reds/Bengals
What are two activities you do in your free time? Play guitar and watch TV
What excites you most about the start of a new school year? Getting to know the kids I’m going to have in class for the rest of HS. Building relationships that will keep them coming back year after year.
You are given $5,000. How do you spend it? Pay towards student loans- lame. Buy something for my motorcycle/truck/new guitar- cool.
What three words best describe you? Caring, fun-loving, people person
The title of a book about my life would be … The Secret Life of Matt Reis