Deer Park Students Pen Letters to Stoneman Douglas Students

Deer Park Students Pen Letters to Stoneman Douglas Students

CINCINNATI, Ohio— Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School students, under the guidance of government teacher Shannon Wilkerson found their own way to stand in support of the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the act of violence on Feb. 14.

The Deer Park students each wrote letters to the victims, sending their support to the community of Parkland, Fla. Art teacher Amber Landers also led a group of students in creating a banner, which was hung in the cafeteria for all students to sign.

The letters and the banner were shipped to the school this week.

Here are what a few of our students had to say about why they wanted to send their support:

Students in creating a banner“I wrote a letter because if something like this had happened to me, it would be comforting to know that others were thinking of me.”
-Mady Franklin, 12th Grade

“I wrote a letter to try to make people who went through that feel better. In a time like this it’s hard to find something happy and this letter might put a smile on their face.”
-Abi Bickers, 11th Grade

“They went through something important and tragic and I wanted to offer support.”
-Lexi Butler, 11th Grade

“I wanted to lend a helping hand and support them. It’s important to have someone your age showing support.”
-Torie Angel, 11th Grade

“I want to do some good if I can. The world is a weird place and I’m trying to help out where I can.”
-Tommy Meza, 11th Grade

“They need outside support. They should know people around the country support them.”
-Cassidy Horn, 10th Grade 

“I wanted to support them because they had this terrible thing happen to them. Some place they call home has been broken in two.”
-Valary Leland, 10th Grade

Deer Park stands with Stone Man Douglas