Deer Park Launches “30 Days of Tech”

30 Days of Tech


Did you know that Deer Park Jr/Sr High School has a set of online courses called the Wildcat Virtual Academy, which allows students to take a variety of electives online? Did you know Amity Elementary and Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School each have 3D printers that are used in lessons?

From Lego MindStorms to a new eSports after-school club, Deer Park Schools is on the cutting edge of new technology and we are working hard to provide our students with experiences that will prepare them for the jobs of the future.

However, we also know that there are so many opportunities that the community may not know are available for Deer Park students. That’s why we are launching “30 Days of Tech.” Through immersive social media, video and written stories, over the next 30 days, we'll take a deep dive into all the exciting things that are happening in the world of tech at Deer Park Schools.

We’ll discuss a variety of topics from Class Dojo—a classroom management and communications tool—to our ventures into virtual reality to the Amity video announcements presented to students each week. Every day, you’ll learn something new about what we’re doing in the ever-changing landscape of school technology.

We hope you enjoy taking in all the ways we are using technology throughout the district. We’ll be using the hashtag #30DaysofTech and the banner above to keep getting out the news.

Welcome to “30 Days of Tech!”


#30DaysofTech officially gets underway with Abre, a tool our faculty uses for a variety of opportunities aiding instruction.


In classrooms, interactive projectors are connected to a program that allows teachers to add notes to slideshows and save the notes to share out for review.

DAY 4 

Amity Elementary uses iPads and Chromebook programs to assist in developing our K-2 readers via Starfall.


Wildcat Virtual Academy is a tremendous opportunity for our students to take elective courses that may not be offered in the traditional classroom setting.

DAY 6 

Time to kick off a new week with something new! Let's check out a video from Sra. Taylor and her students Josette Fischer and Elizabeth McGinnis, telling a little about Google Appointment Slots.

DAY 7 

News-2-You is the next feature in #30DaysofTech. This adaptive program allows students in specialized classrooms to interact directly with the lesson for the day.

Day 8

We're cruising along with another #30DaysofTech feature. Today, we look at Reading A-to-Z, which K-3 graders are using to enhance reading skills! 

Day 9

Keeping it going with #30DaysofTech as we examine Naviance, a tool used at the Jr./Sr. High School to aid in future planning!


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