Collaborative Efforts Between Buildings Alleviate Traffic Situation

October 9, 2013

Shortly after the educationally sound and cost effective decision to re-configure the Deer Park Community City School district and merge the two formerly operating elementary buildings to one school, the Holmes Primary School and neighborhood found themselves having to work through a new traffic pattern.  The area on Donna Lane near the school becomes a one-way road, making the traffic flow challenging during drop-off and pick-up times for K-3 students.  The traffic affected those near Holmes Primary, and also impacted the flow of traffic in and out of Deer Park Jr/Sr High School. 

After careful examination, work with both Sycamore Twp and Deer Park Police Departments, a lot of patience from the families and neighbors of Holmes School, and some collaboration between all Deer Park School buildings on their school start/stop times we are happy to announce that the traffic patterns have been altered to become more efficient and any congestion issues are seemingly resolved.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we forged ahead to deliver a more sound and safe route to school for our students and families.