Deer Park Sophomores Working to Help Save the Bonobos in the Congo

October 10, 2013

Students in Ms. Suzy Beck's sophomore English class have had an amazing start to the year, engaging in a very special assignment that will undoubtedly leave them with lifelong lessons and great memories. 
The students, along with Ms. Beck, have been reading the novel "Endangered", by author Eliott Schrefer.  The book is a compelling tale of a girl's strife to save a group of bonobos (a type of primate) from a violent group of rebels in the Congo.  Students discussed a number of topics stirred up by the novel, one major area being that of how their class could help the bonobos!
Next Tuesday, October 15, Ms. Beck's sophomores will have their chance to meet author Eliot Schrefer and hear him speak about his passion for the work being done in the Congo to help save these animals.  They will then have a chance to share with him their new-found endeavor of raising money for, and awareness about the bonobos sanctuary.
Students have been working in collaboration with the Public Library, the Bonobo sanctuary in the Congo, The Cincinnati Zoo, and authors Vanessa Woods and Eliott Schrefer, as well as students in the other grades at Deer Park Schools in order to begin a recycling program that will help the class reach a financial goal to adopt their very own Bonobo. They are working very closely with the recycling company, Eco-Cell to continue their collection of electronics and are getting closer and closer each day to adopt a Bonobo to benefit the sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.